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Aug 27, 2018

A look at Proverbs 28:26 and how a Kirby vacuum salesmen taught Alyssa a lesson on foolishness and boundaries.

Book Alyssa mentions:

Living Well, Spending Less

Aug 20, 2018

Another look at the Sabbath commandment and BLESSING! I share 3 different ways that God designed the Sabbath rest for us. And it's amazing to experience!


I also replay an episode from early in 2017 where we talked with our brother Tyler on his take of the 7th day and what a gift it is to us.


Aug 13, 2018

As the busy month of August hits and school is starting, we take this chance to reflect back on a favorite episode and topic, hygge. 



Aug 6, 2018

Alyssa interviews Kari, a coworker with an awesome story of God's love and power to redeem.